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Different ways to travel. Is it possible to make a list of all ways there is to travel? I would have to say no, it’s not. There are so many different ways to travel so listing them all would be impossible. But one thing that is possible to do is listing a lot of different ways to travel. So this is our contribution to what options you have while traveling.
Travel early and travel often. Live abroad, if you can. Understand cultures other than your own. As your understanding of other cultures increases, your understanding of yourself and your own culture will increase exponentially.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.

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Thank you so much for being proactive (awesome memory, by the way). Maybe it seems like no big deal to you but this is amazing customer service and is greatly appreciated.

Sean M.

Amazing! Brenda planned the perfect vacation - the accommodations that she had selected for us were unbelievable! We could have never found these gems if we had tried to plan it ourselves. Brenda put a lot of time Into booking us the perfect trip in Hawaii. Never being there I had no clue what all we should do - Brenda took care of that! I cannot wait to work with her again!!!

Mary M.

Thank you so much for a well organized trip. We had a wonderful time. Hard to believe it's already done and past. Weather was awesome, the hotels were nice, thank you for everything!

Lori R

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